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Information for Host Families

Hosting an international student is a commitment; hosts have to be flexible caring and friendly. If you are looking to make some easy extra money through just renting out a room, then becoming a Homestay Direct Limited host family is not for you.

We are always looking for host families who will welcome our students into their family and interact with them as if they were a member of their own family. In this way a good homestay is enjoyed by all and long lasting friendships can be made. If you have a spare room, whether it be the kids going to university, a recent extension or even just a re-shuffle, this a great opportunity to put that room to use and make some extra cash on a weekly basis…

Now recruiting families in the following areas:

  • Epsom Downs
  • New Malden
  • Mitcham
  • Sutton
  • Morden

Student welfare is our primary concern and with that in mind we are selective when choosing which host families we work with and those we don’t. International students choose to stay in a family home instead of a student residence because they want to experience a friendly English family atmosphere, be immersed in English culture and to improve their English speaking ability by mixing and interacting with the family they are staying with. They are not simply looking for a room in a house.

The average mini-stay will last 3-4 nights during the week (every week), and most often we have additional groups over the weekend period during peak season. The great thing about Homestay Direct Limited is the convenience of you deciding how often you wish to host.


Full board is three meals a day, consisting of breakfast being a choice of cereals and toast with a selection of jams and marmalades to choose from. Fruit juice, tea and coffee should also be extended. Packed lunches should be substantial and include 2 rounds of sandwiches or 2 rolls with adequate filling (no spreads or paste) , fruit, crisps, chocolate biscuit, and a drink. Bottled water is fine. Please allow your guests to share your evening meal wherever possible, and offer a dessert.

Half board is as above but without a packed lunch.

Students are mainly European between the ages of 12 and 18 (please note we have a strict policy of students NOT BEING ALLOWED OUT unaccompanied). Groups are out all day each day of their stay from 7.50am (when they are dropped to the local meeting point). Groups return for approximately 7:00pm each evening when they are to be collected by their families from their local meeting point.

Families are advised well in advance by email of scheduled groups intended arrival. In this way giving you plenty of time to make necessary arrangements and prepare for your guests should you chooses to accept them. We aim to give our host families as much information as possible regarding their students’ i.e dietary requirements, allergies or special requirements.

2/3/4 students will normally be placed per family for short stay visits. Each guest should have their own single, twin or triple room. They MUST have their own bed and mattress protectors should be fitted to all student beds.

Your guests should be accompanied to and from the specified meeting place on a daily basis. They should NEVER be out alone.

Whilst our students are placed in your family; I must remind you that we would be in breach of contract if you were to welcome other students into your home whose native language is the same. Agents can withhold payment in such cases. Please advise us if you plan to have other students in your home when accepting a placement from Homestay Direct Limited. No family should offer accommodation to more than four students at any one time unless it has been agreed and adequate facilities are available.

All our students take out comprehensive insurance cover. As a precaution we would advise that all host families should inform their own insurance company their intention to welcome students into their home. It is important that any damages to be reported to the local organiser and Homestay Direct Limited prior to departure. We will be happy to assist in settlement of any damage claims, which will be made in the student’s country of origin.

Please note:

Placement will be monitored throughout the stay. If you should have any problems please notify the organiser responsible or the office as soon as possible. Occasionally it may become necessary to move a student (s) either at the request of the teacher in charge or the family, in either of these cases settlement will be made on a pro-rata basis.


Settlement is made by BACS on the Wednesday after the arrival of the group. Settlement is made tax free and it is your responsibility to declare income to the appropriate authority. We suggest using the rent-a-room scheme. The current limit can be found on the website.


Under the data protection act Homestay Direct Limited are legally obliged to inform you:

Information supplied on your application form will be kept on our computer records and will be available for your inspection. Any information held by Homestay Direct Limited shall be for it’s own use and not passed onto any third partyH