Homestay Direct Ltd



We pride ourselves on our Host families and their homes. Our host families are of different ages, cultures and nationalities and live in different styles of property. Some families live in flats, bungalows, town houses, terraced houses, semi and detached homes. We have families with young children, families with grown up children. We have professional couples and retired couples. Families host for many different reasons but all our host families are enthusiastic about hosting, they are warm, welcoming and go the extra mile.

We are efficient in providing high quality homestay accommodation. We ensure that all our host families meet our own high standards of decor, comfort and friendliness. A large amount of our host families have been accommodating students for a number of years now and are very experienced hosts.

Students are placed in a minimum of two and maximum of four per family, each with their own bed. They will be provided with breakfast, a packed lunch and dinner with the family each evening.

Staying with one of our host families is a fantastic opportunity to develop language skills and gives each student the chance to experience first-hand the day-to-day life for people living in London. Many of our families also have school children of their own so there are also opportunities to interact with similar aged students.

Group Leader Accommodation

Working with many families we have identified which families are best suited for hosting
group leaders and drivers. In addition local Bed & Breakfast accommodation is available.