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Read some of the very positive feedback from agents and students.

Student Letters

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Agents and Group Leaders

Olga Carofano, - Agency Tee Poland

"We have been cooperating with Homestay Direct Limited for a couple of years and we very much value this agency and their services. Homestays are of a very good standard, client satisfaction is a top priority for Karen and Dawn. Nothing is too much trouble for them, we are always more than happy to recommend Homestay Direct Limited and their services."

Alex – Lev Agency, France

"I have now worked for 7 years for tour operators specialized in school trips and students travel. In this competitive environment, good host families and competent local organizers are not easy to find.

If our partnership with Homestay Direct has grown over the years, it’s because they have met our rigorous standard of quality which is part of our success.

It is a pleasure to work with a reliable team at all stages of the trip. I can trust that my clients will be in good hands and that everything is made for the trip to go as smoothly as possible. Our main objective is the clients’ satisfaction, and their desire to return to Homestay Direct year after year is a good sign that they have not been disappointed by their experience."

Magdalena – TB Poland

"This is certify that Homestay Direct limited led by Karen Dewey and Dawn Cook is our English business partner. We cooperate with them for several years.

I recommend co-operation with Homestay Direct for many reasons. First of all they ensure safe and comfortable homestay with very good location. They not only locate, set up, and monitor each homestay, but they are also very helpful and willing to cooperate with our tour leaders on the spot. Host families are very nice, friendly and look after our students. Our groups always come back very satisfied.

In my sure opinion – their future business partner will be glad from their work and professionalism."

Samantha Lawson – Group Leader

"I have just got back from Morden with Chantal Lucain and our group of students from Couperin in Fontainebleau.

First of all, I would like to thank you, Nathalie and all the families involved - the stay was particularly successful since our students were made to feel at home. The Lopez family with whom we three teachers stayed are delightful.

I would like to come back to Morden at the end of May/beginning of June 2015 with roughly fifty 15-16 year olds and will contact our agent immediately for availability. With many thanks."

Melissa Meghriche – Group Leader

"We've been working with Karen and Dawn for 4 years now. Warm welcomes and always available, day and night, if any kind of problem may happen. Moreover, the hosting families live in a quiet neighbourhood, which is quite appreciated. It's been a delight working with them, and can't wait meeting them again in December this year."

Erik Bartels – Group Leader

For some years now we have used the services of Homestay Direct. Every October we travel to London with a group of about 30 students aged between 17 and 20 of ROC A12 College in Velp, The Netherlands. We were unhappy with the services another company offered for housing students in families some years ago. After a short search we stumbled upon Homestay Direct and got in touch with Dawn Cook. Two years ago we were offered superb host families in the London borough of Morden. We were not familiar in that area and Homestay Direct helped us in finding a suitable hotel for the teachers. Last year our students were again housed in Morden and Dawn was able to find a host family suitable for teachers. Homestay Direct actually advised us teachers to stay in a host family as well. The main objective was to save money on hotel reservations. The host family provided was very suitable for teachers – each having their own bedroom.

Last year we decided we wanted our students housed in the borough of Epsom Downs as well. I contacted Dawn about this and luckily this was possible. The families in Epsom Downs were terrific as well. Every morning the students were dropped off at a meeting point at the time we requested. We, as teachers, were picked up and dropped off at the meeting point every morning as well. Our coach driver was housed in a hotel nearby which Homestay Direct actually recommended.

On return in the afternoon we simply had to text Dawn our estimated time of arrival and she texted all the host families to be at the meeting point at the time we were supposed to arrive. Every morning, when the students were dropped off and every afternoon when we came back either Dawn or Karen was present to make sure all host families arrived in time.

Over the years we had so many positive experiences with Homestay Direct that we don’t even consider enquiring at a similar company. Excellent services at affordable fees.

Melissa Meghriche – Group Leader

We've been working with Karen and Dawn for 4 years now. Warm welcomes and always available, day and night, if any kind of problem may happen. Moreover, the hosting families live in a quiet neighbourhood, which is quite appreciated. It's been a delight working with them, and can't wait meeting them again in December this year.

Aurelien Pallot – Group leader

Just a small note to say you that the report of the trip will be done as easy as the return of the classes. This report too should not be complicated: the students appreciated the visits, and the quality of welcome and or organization to Morden were actually amazing! The small lady that accommodated us, two colleagues the driver and myself, was charming, the nevertheless accustomed driver had never seen a similar welcome.

Stefan Van Den Hoff – Group leader

Our school visits the Greater London area every year. We come with 40-70 students. Our students are 15-17 years old and we visit several places in and around London Kent. We used to stay in Ashford, but decided to search for a host-family organisation close to London. We have been with Homestay Direct Limited in Morden for four years now.

We are very satisfied with the organisation. Our students stay with nice families. Before, during and after our trip we’re always in close contact with the coordinators. The organisation is always trying to make our stay as pleasant as possible and is very helpful as well. Next year, we hope to be staying with Homestay Direct Limited again.